OK, in this section we are giving out some of our secrets to you ...

The first one is... For best results on ribs, pull off membrane on inside of ribs rack. The spices will be absorbed better.


How much charcoal to use?

The number of charcoal briquets for direct or indirect grilling depends on the size, shape and type of grill being use. For food using direct or indirect heat it takes about 28 briquets for the first lb. of meat. Add 6 to 8 additional briquets for each additional lb.


Starting Charcoal:

Place charcoal briquets in a pyramid on the bottom rack of grill. Add 3 to 5 oz. of fluid to the charcoal. Do not cover coal with lid! Charcoal will be ready to grill on when coals are 75% ashed. At this point the lighter fluid has been burned off.


Checking Charcoal Temperature:

A good charcoal should be ready in about 20 to 30 minutes depending on temperature and weather. Coal temperature can be checked using the following method. Place your hand palm down six inches over coals and begin counting. One thousand one, one thousand two, one thousand three, and so on. If you can hold your hand in place for:


Warning: Please be careful, this should ONLY be done by an adult!

2 seconds: It is about 375º or more - VERY HOT

3 seconds: It is about 350º to 375º - STILL VERY HOT

4 seconds: It is about 300º to 350º - MEDIUM
5 seconds: It is about 225º to 300º - MEDIUM LOW

Direct Grilling:

Spread coals out evenly with at least 1 in. Perimeter around meat. Cooking over coals is the best way to cook foods for less than 30 minutes such as fish, steak, chicken breasts, burgers and hotdogs.


Indirect Grilling:

For indirect grilling use the same procedure and amount of coals. This is for foods that require an hour or more to cook. Such as whole chicken, ribs, and brisket. Bank the coals to opposite site of meat to be grilled. Cover with lid and place vent hole over the meat. This will allow the heat to pass over the meat to be cooked. If coals seem to be a little to hot, adjust damper to reduce heat. Too many coals will produce to much heat and dry out your meat!


Before you place the meat or vegetables on the grill, it is a good idea to oil down grill. To do this keep grill away from fire and either use a spray oil or you may use Scott towel with food oil on it and rub down the grill. You should add a hand full of your favorite water soak wood chips to the coals for flavoring. The water soaked wood will add steam and prevent flare ups. Place the grill then food on as soon as possible, cover as described above and wait for the taste of real grilled flavoring on your food.


Smoking Meat:

Smoking meats slowly with low heat is another art to it’s own. People who use smokers usually know at what temperatures meat is smoked at or they would not be using this method.